Liberty, Not the Daughter But the Mother of Order, was an individualist anarchist periodical edited and published by Benjamin Tucker from 1881 to 1908.

What you can see here is transcription of Liberty scans which you can find here thanks to Shawn P. Wilbur and John Zube. We’d like to issue new transcriptions fortnightly on Wednesday.

The transcripts are created using a combination of computer and manual work. Templates for transcription, automated tools nor us are perfect. In case that you find a mistake in the transcripts, please email us or correct the error directly in the GitHub repository.

If you own the original copy of Liberty or own a better scan than we do, please contact us.

Please distinguish between what is written in the Liberty and our own beliefs. We believe in nonaggression and voluntary society. If some articles in Liberty encourage aggression or deny liberty, they are in contradiction with our beliefs. It includes the views against free trade and against the subjective theory of value. We’re not against collectivism or the labor theory of value as long as they are voluntary and do not rely on aggression against man, his liberty, and property.

Use these transcriptions for good, not evil.

Liberty itself is in the public domain, meaning that everybody can use it freely. Everything else is a subject to the CC0 license.