Ron Paul: “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.”

Pursue the Cause of Liberty: A Farewell to Congress “Ron is the anti-politician. He tells unfashionable truths, educates rather than flatters the public, and stands up for principle even when the whole world is arrayed against him. It’s Ron’s truth-telling and his urge to educate the public that should inspire us as we carry on into the future.” — Lew Rockwell

Mises and Austrian Economics: A Personal View Austrian economics has provided me with the intellectual ammunition to support my natural tendency to say “no” to all forms of government intervention. Mises provides an inspiration to stick to principle and to argue quietly and confidently in favor of the superiority of a decentralized, consumer-oriented market, in contrast to a bureaucratic centrally planned economy.

A Foreign Policy of Freedom War, and the threat of war, are big government‘s best friend.

Freedom Under Siege It is here that Dr. Paul provides his most extended thoughts on what it means to be a constitutionalist in the tradition of Thomas Jefferson. He connects violations of individual rights to an interventionist foreign policy and the supposed needs of national security. Here he blasts the draft and draft registration, impositions on the right of individuals to own guns, restrictions on the freedom to speak and write, and draws out the links between all these policies.

Gold, Peace, and Prosperity “Let us put it this way: give any man or group power, and it will tend to use that power. If the power is inherently abusive, then that power will be abused. Our present system gives to the federal government and its Federal Reserve System the unlimited power to counterfeit. The problem is that if the Fed has the power to counterfeit, it will inevitably use that power. Why? Because the power to counterfeit is too tempting. The power to create money means that it is far more tempting to print it than to work for it. It means that the counterfeiter can pay his debts, spend more money, give more money to his friends and associates. In the case of government, the power to counterfeit means that government’s debts can be paid without levying taxes, that government spending can increase, and that political allies can be purchased and maintained.” — Murray N. Rothbard

The Case for Gold To Carol, whose love and support are more precious than gold.

Pillars of Prosperity: Free Markets, Honest Money, Private Property “A state strong enough to redistribute wealth at a whim will not hesitate to wage war, impose sanctions, take away privacy, and violate core human rights. A state strong enough to wage war will not think twice about redistributing wealth and running a cradle-to-grave welfare state.” — Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.


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